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Every school holiday, Afttrec organizes inspiring, educative, talent spotting and development workshops for kids and young adults. These training workshops present kids and young people with excellent opportunities for exposure, confidence building, social interaction and discovering their talents. Participants trained and mentored by competent and experienced professionals in the specific areas covered.

Our last workshop was a 3 days’ event held in April at Afttrec, Dennis Pritt Road and attracted over 100 participants despite that we had targeted only 60. Some of the participants who displayed extra ordinary talent found their way onto the screen of a national TV station where their talent continues to be developed and progressed

Instead of your kids and young adults whiling away at home during the holidays, register them with Afttrec for the holiday’s “Young Talent training programs” where they will learn among other skills the art of public speaking, TV presentation; principles and rules of acting and the vocabulary of film making for actors. Our programs target kids and young adults from 6 years to around 20 yrs